Where do you need to focus more of your attention?  Where do you need to plant the see of God's Word? 

What do you need to say "NO" to in order to say "YES!" to the pasture God has you tending right now? 

You're invited to join ladies of all ages and walks of life as Mary Boswell, from The Calm of His Presence, helps us discover the pastures God has given us and how we can make the best of them. 

  • Cost: $10 (includes dinner catered by the Olive Garden). 
    • Tickets can be purchased below or you can pick your's up at the FIFBC Church Office
  • Bring one of the non-perishable food items listed below and be entered to win a special prize.  All donated items will be given to the Center for Community Services.  Those items include: 
    • Feminine Hygiene Products (soap, personal products, etc.) 
    • Canned Goods (especially soup and fruits) 
    • Cereal

All questions should be sent to commonthreadswm@fifbc.org

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