Nursery - Preschool
Preschool Wing

Newborns - 1 year olds
Leaders: Debbie Sims, Brandi Stone, Andrea Lark
2 year olds
Leaders: Caroline Burr, Casey Bagwell
3 year olds - 4K
Leaders: Jeremy and Amy Smith

Elementary Children
Second floor, Education Wing

K5 -  1st Grade
Leaders: Jeremy and Kristen Gault
2nd - 3rd Grade
Leaders: Doug and Cindy Blake
4th Grade
Leaders:  Chris and Bridget Bailey
5th Grade
Leader, Renee McDannald

AMPLIFY Student Ministry
Second Floor, Main Building

Middle School Coed
Leader: Ashley Riddle
High School Coed
Leaders: Shelby Boling and Bobby Dillard

Young Adults (20s, 30s, 40s)
Room 201 Education Wing
Leaders: Ryan and Emily Holtzclaw, Anna Richardson

Adult Coed (Multigenerational)
Room 210 Main Building
Leader: Ken Hilliard

Adult Coed (Multigenerational)
Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Lori Bradford, Michelle King

Adult Women (Multigenerational)
Parlor (in Fellowship Hall)
Leader:  Valerie Hesse

Adult Coed (50s)
Room 208, Main Building
Leader: Danny Lewis

Adult Coed (50s - 60s)
Room 209 Main Building
Leaders:  Jeff Hansen, Ralph Snow

Adult Women (60s)
Room 102 Main Building
Leader: Charlene Riddle

Senior Adult Men (70s)
Room 109 Main Building
Leaders:  Guy Penland, Everett Thomas, Ed Thackston

Senior Adult Women (60s - 70s)
Room 209 Education Wing
Leader:  Beverly Gilliland

Senior Adult Men (70s)
Room 207 Education Wing
Leader:  David Thomason, David Gilliland

Senior Adult Women (80s)
Room 111 Main Building
Leader:  Faye Womack

Senior Adult Women (80s)
Room 112 Main Building
Leader:  Martha Page

Senior Adult Women (90s)
Room 104 Main Building
Leader:  Janie Dilworth

Senior Adult Men (80s - 90s)
Conference Room, Education Wing
Leader:  Larry Wooten