Core Groups at FIFBC exist to equip people to grow as Christ transforms them and to live on mission for Him.  In these groups, you will have the opportunity to connect to God and others in a small group setting.  You can speak with our Discipleship Pastor, Ryan Holtzclaw for more information. There’s a Core group for all generations.

Nursery - Preschool
Preschool Wing

Newborns - 1 year olds
Leaders: Debbie Sims and Pam Jordan
2 and 3 year olds
Leaders: Brandi Stone, Jessi Blake, Mary Burmeister and Julie Lee
Leaders: Jeremy and Amy Smith

Elementary Children
Second floor, Education Wing

K5 -  1st Grade
Leaders: Jeremy and Kristen Gault
2nd - 3rd Grade
Leaders: Doug and Cindy Blake
4th Grade
Leaders:  Chris and Bridget Bailey
5th Grade
Leader, Renee McDannald

AMPLIFY Student Ministry
Second Floor, Main Building

Middle School Coed
Leader: Ashley Riddle
High School Coed
Leaders: Shelby Boling and Bobby Dillard

College and Young Singles
Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Wesley Burr, Condy Richardson

Young Adults (20s, 30s, 40s)
Room 201 Education Wing
Leaders: Ryan and Emily Holtzclaw, Anna Richardson

Adult Coed (Multigenerational)
Room 105, Main Building
Leaders: Ken Hilliard, Jeff Hansen, Ralph Snow

Adult Coed (Multigenerational)
Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Lori Bradford, Michelle King

Adult Coed (50s)
Room 208, Main Building
Leader: Danny Lewis

Adult Women (60s)
Room 102 Main Building
Leader: Charlene Riddle

Senior Adult Men (70s)
Room 109 Main Building
Leaders:  Guy Penland, Everett Thomas, Ed Thackston

Senior Adult Women (60s - 70s)
Room 209 Education Wing
Leader:  Beverly Gilliland

Senior Adult Men (70s)
Room 207 Education Wing
Leader:  David Gilliland, Ronn Shank

Senior Adult Women (80s)
Room 111 Main Building
Leader:  Faye Womack

Senior Adult Women (80s)
Room 112 Main Building
Leader:  Martha Page

Senior Adult Women (90s)
Room 104 Main Building
Leader:  Janie Dilworth

Senior Adult Men (80s - 90s)
Conference Room, Education Wing
Leader:  Larry Wooten